Research Overview

Robust and Adaptive AI

To deal with noise, attacks (adversarial samples) and dynamically changing environments, we are building AI systems that are robust and adaptive. Examples of technologies developed here are robust architectures for deep learning, multi-agent based intelligent systems and neuroevolution.

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Bioinspired AI Engines

Artificial intelligent systems are based on many engines such as neuron models, structures and optimization algorithms. Here we are introducing new engines as well as reusing, in new ways, established ones. Examples are unified neuron models, novel multi-agent dynamics and paradigms.

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Exploring the robustness of deep neural networks.

Adaptating like rats to dynamic mazes.

Evolving neuron models, topology and weights.

Tackling autonomous driving and robotics.

Research Opportunities

Our lab has in-house cutting edge GPU and CPU servers, it is located in one of the biggest cities in Japan with great infra and an exhuberating nature. For more details about our lab environment and opportunities to join us check the link below.

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