B - Bachelor, M - Master, A - All

2018, 2019

  • A - Artificial Intelligence - Neural Networks and Evolutionary Computation[sole lecturer] (Japanese) Simple DE,
  • B - Information Science [sole lecturer] (English)
  • M - Cryptography and Information Security [co-lecturer] (Japanese)

  • B - Advanced Programming [sole lecturer] (in Japanese) - Student Projects
  • B - Practice in Numerical Analysis [co-lecturer] (in Japanese)
  • B - Hardware Experiments [co-lecturer] (in Japanese)
  • M - Cryptography and Information Security [co-lecturer] (in Japanese)

My View

I agree with Socrates with the view that knowledge comes from inside, i.e., knowledge comes from a complex understanding process that happens differently in each of us. One of the roles of a teacher is to facilitate this process for each student, passing knowledge accumulated during thousands of years to new generations. Moreover, a teacher/professor in my opinion goes far beyond facilitating the acquisition of knowledge. A great teacher can impact students for a whole life, not only with knowledge but with visions, motivations and perspectives. My teachers changed my life and I want to do the same.

Specifically for computation related fields, I am in favor of Project Based Learning (PBL), because it teaches students to learn how to learn. In PBL, students must search themselves and choose what to learn to solve a given problem or develop a project. The students must also work collaboratively and learn how to behave efficiently as a group, developing leadership and others related traits. Actually, finishing the project is a strong reward in itself, acting as a natural motivation for students in every completed stage. To enable all this to happen smoothly, the teacher/professor needs to guide, motivate and support in many ways along the process.

I am also developing some education projects to foster education in different ways. Take a look at them below.

Project: Club of General Artificial Intelligence

In 2017, I and Inoue-san started a club to study and create general artificial intelligence, which is perhaps the first worldwide. I took this step to widen the understanding of artificial intelligence as well as make creating AI a fun and entertaining activity. Site: https://ai-q.jimdo.com/

Project: Fusion

Students, professors, among other people have often a lot of knowledge to share. For example, mathematic students can explain theorems or the consequences of these theorems in a fun and interesting way. This project focus on creating inside the university an environment where people in general can share their knowledge with each other. Sharing is a contagious feeling and an amazing experience. Currently, this project is being carried out inside Kyushu University. See the Project's site for more information (site in Japanese)..

Project: School of the Future

Since our birth, we are astonished by the act of creation. We are naturally happy to create but without opportunities this flame may soon gets forgotten. School of the Future is about remembering people of all ages how fun it is to create something. Currently, I have prepared the proposal but there is still a long way to go before the project starts. I will update here with any news I get.