Determination and passion are the seeds for the impossible. We are a team of passionate researchers developing the next generation of artificial intelligence. More than a lab, we are a family. Lets shape the future together.


To allow for top research to thrive, cutting edge hardware is a necessity. Our lab has access to, an always expanding, in-house cutting edge GPU and CPU servers. Examples are a CPU server with 2x EPYC™ 7742 (128 cores) and a workstation with 4 RTX 5000 GPUs nvlinked. Supported by various grants, our lab is always seeking to satiate the technical needs of our team.


We are located in Fukuoka, one of the biggest cities of Japan, with both great infrastructure and outstanding nature. Fukuoka hits a great balance with the modernization of a big city and a less crowded and friendly environment of a small one. It is very peaceful even for Japanese standards. Moreover, its geography allows for a healthy lifestyle with an easily access to fresh fish and vegetables.

Selection Process

The selection process usually involves some tasks and an interview. We seek researchers with genuine interest (passion) and determination. The selection is a door to our family more than a ticket to a chair in the lab. Please enter in contact with the team leader Danilo Vasconcellos Vargas ( to apply.